People allow good videos into their lives;
they’ll stop and give their time to watch, like and share.
Our creative is informed by data
Our videos earn your audience’s attention


Since 2008 we’ve known that the best videos are made with the following ingredients. Without them you’re just making ‘another’ video, instead of connecting with your audience with a Creative Video.


People watch our videos because they want to, not because they have to.


We study what works with your audience, what your audience is talking about and what your competition has done


People remember what they feel. We want your message to be memorable.


We have the right tools to make sure your videos are being viewed in the right places at the right times by the right audience.


Beyond a “nice” video; we want your audi- ence to share, comment or get in touch


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Video First

We make videos that live on any channel.

From short snappy videos - for brands like Microsoft, Google and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise - that live on social channels; to full-bloodied long-form documentaries for broadcasters such as National Geographic Channel.

Since 2008 creative videos have been our world; it's in our DNA.

The Customer Journey

We look at your Customer’s journey to see where we can get people tuning in.



If Singapore is our living room, Asia is our backyard. With forays down the road to Africa, Middle East and Europe. When filming around the world we send a core team from Singapore to work with our top-notch network of third-parties. This allows us to anchor insights and creative whilst being mindful of budgets.


We make every video bespoke, so exact pricing is down to the knitty gritty detail.

Have a look through some of the films we’ve made to see what you dig.



One day filming
Talking head interviews
Super fast turn around



“Proposal please”
A second-day filming
Dial up the creative



Multiple cities
or a few days filming
Some behind the scenes or a second or third film
Let’s walk through the creative with a couple of options



The land of snazzy Cameras
and complex graphics
Multiple films to the series, broadcast standard deliverables
Multiple locales, large cast, ambitious production design


James Rotheram


The founder of Hurrah Productions, James has been involved in over 250 video projects that has seen him travel around the world, bringing ideas to life for all of Hurrah’s clients.

Since its inception in 2008 James has led the team from a small start-up to an international Progressive Video Agency, picking up awards and accolades along the way. Most notably a Cannes Lion award for Comfort and an ACS Cinematography award for a one-hour National Geographic documentary. Today as part of Golin and the IPG group of companies, Hurrah produces videos for an impressive list of clients throughout the world.

Haf Rahman

Head of Post Productions / Senior Editor

Haf Rahman is our very own award winning editor, and he is Head of Post Productions at Hurrah. Haf is a mastermind of the short film and is an expert at conceptualizing and crafting cool stories.

Haf graduated from LASALLE College of the arts in 2009 with a Diploma in Film Studies and in 2013 he won the award for Best Video Editor at Mediacorp Suria’s Pesta Perdana award show.

Aswini R


A relentless force of nature. Quietly confident Wini is there at the start, making sure Hurrah! is hitting its mark, during and at the end – pushing productions over the line. She’s there when others haven’t got out bed yet AND when everyone has gone home.

Tenacious with a “bit further” attitude makes sure your video is “that bit better.”

Graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma of Digital Film & Television. Her final year film “Soul 37” was selected to screen at Cannes Short Film Corner in 2016.

Russell Morton

Director of Photography

He saw it first

Russell Adam Morton is an artist and filmmaker. He is a graduate from The Puttnam School of Film, Lasalle College of the Arts (2010) and obtained an MA in Fine Arts from Camberwell College of the Arts, UAL (2012).

His films have been part of the Athens Video Art Festival 2012 and participated in several group shows in London. His film, “The Silent Dialogue of All Artworks” was screened at the National Museum of Singapore’s 10th Singapore Short Cuts, The Substation’s 4th Experimental Film Forum and the Thai Short Film & Video Festival 2014. The film later went on to win Best Experimental Film at the 5th Singapore ShortFilm Awards. His second film, Forest of Copper Columns, has won the Cinematic Achievement Award at the Thessaloniki Short Film Festival 2016 and has been selected at several festivals in 2016 including the Thai Short Film & Video Festival, Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival and Cine Pobre Film Festival.

Dira Mutiara


Dira loves putting a story together in the edit; to her it’s like trying to solve a puzzle by finding pieces that fit within endless possibilities. She likes telling stories, and as a filmmaker Dira hopes to create stories that make a difference in people’s lives, promoting an understanding of cultural diversity.

Graduating from the University Of Westminster, First Honours in Film and Television Production; Her Film “Cattle Market” was selected at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016

Prior to filmmaking Dira obtained a diploma in fashion design and set up her very own fashion company in 2010.

She speaks Japanese, has a PADI diving license.


Sad to say goodbye to the number one Chum today. Ringo The Dingo past away this afternoon surrounded by family. More than just a mascot Ringo was there at the genesis of Hurrah. He embodied the ethos of a little company vying for its place in a competitive world. Vehemently protective of the people close and proud. A bit (very) cheeky at times, always wagging a tail. RIP Ringo we’ll miss you x

4 May, 2020

Sad to say goodbye to the number one Chum today. Ringo ...

Busy busy for Nestle all in time for International Woman’s Day! #shootmalaysia #internationalwomansday2020 #nestlemaggi❤️

26 February, 2020

Busy busy for Nestle all in time for International Woma...

Back in South Africa with some old chums. Few neat toys and some great food! #southafricarocks #chums #ringotravels

22 October, 2019

Back in South Africa with some old chums. Few neat toys...

Microsoft have a snazzy new office, we were there to film them move in #newdigs #snazzy #microsoft

2 October, 2019

Microsoft have a snazzy new office, we were there to fi...

Fresh face for a fresh project for our new chums at Dentsu X and ESPN #sports #snazzy #espn

17 September, 2019

Fresh face for a fresh project for our new chums at Den...

Lots of fun in KwaZulu Natal with this lot. Thanks to our chums: @afromax for his sterling efforts and @danie_dreyer and all the crew for never stopping. @gazinsingapore and everyone at #symrise for taking us along again. #ilovegrapefruit #wherenext #ringotravels

8 July, 2019

Lots of fun in KwaZulu Natal with this lot. Thanks to o...

And now for dinner. Great shoot in #jakarta with our chums @societal_sg for the best mayonnaise in the world ... @hellmannsmayonnaise

27 June, 2019

And now for dinner. Great shoot in <a href="https://www...

Happy Birthday to the bossman! We love you even when you play the same 80s songs on loop, or when you tell us to tidy our cables and re-label our hard disks for the 10th time, and even when you make us cringe with your dad jokes. You make us warm and fuzzy in the most -appropriate-workplace-environment type of way. Much love. ❤️🐕 -Team Hurrah

27 May, 2019

Happy Birthday to the bossman! We love you even when yo...

Magnum film! - icecream anyone?! #dowhatulove #icecreaminmybelly #iscreamuscreamweallscream4icecream

7 April, 2019

Magnum film! - icecream anyone?! <a href="https://www.i...

Wrapped the last shoot day for @symriseag in #newyorkcity Great way to finish up a fascinating documentary. Thanks Gaelle Dami and @lea_ana for an awesome week of work, play, laughter and food! #takingabiteouttathebigapple #ringotravels #forgetaboutit

12 March, 2019

Wrapped the last shoot day for @symriseag in <a href="h...

Just back from a wonderful offsite with our new family at #golin in Bali. Three days of fun, laughter, team building #goalin #newchums #fearless19

28 January, 2019

Just back from a wonderful offsite with our new family ...

Just before we close the door on 2018 we squeezed in a cheeky little shoot for our chums at @brave_bison_io and @lego #plasticisfantastic #stopmotion #funwithlego

22 December, 2018

Just before we close the door on 2018 we squeezed in a ...

Who's A Good Boy Then

Richard Hol
Executive Creative Director

You have brought to life what we had in mind before we started the project; to create something that feels authentic, has loads of energy and is a disruptive break with the conservative category… I always strive to make the ‘director’s cut’ the one that goes on air. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve produced our director’s cut.

Gaelle Dami
Marketing Director

We have now completed our 3rd corporate movie with Hurrah and the result is, again, outstanding! The Hurrah! team are a pleasure to work with… thoughtful, creative, fun and professional… fantastic story tellers. They will take everything it needs and beyond, to outperform and deliver unique films, in actually very diverse styles when necessary.

Simon Fransson
Marketing Strategy

We’ve worked with Hurrah since 2011 and made over 30 films with them throughout the region and beyond. What always stands out is the style and narrative which is now becoming a big part of the UD Trucks brand. For the recent launch of our new truck – the Croner – Hurrah was instrumental in setting the tone for the fantastic launch film. It’s always a pleasure working with Hurrah being positive, pragmatic; you get Bite with their Bark.



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