Ringo The Dingo

Ringo is a canine manifestation of all the virtues Hurrah represents. He is inquisitive, full of crazy ideas, never tiring, and appreciates moments of quiet retrospection to derive genius insights. In these ways,

Hurrah is Ringo.

Mads K Baekkevold

Mads K. Bækkevold was born and raised in the frigid wilderness of Norway, where he studied Media, Literature, Aesthetics, Philosophy and Modern Art. Tired of theory and harboring a desire to create, he set his sights on Singapore and Lasalle College Of The Arts. He is a Directing major with a minor in Postproduction & Visual Effects; for his Diploma Year, he received the Lasalle Award For Academic Excellence. He is a published comic book artist, a music & film reviewer, and a columnist. Now he works as a fulltime editor for Hurrah Productions, where he is also the resident "kooky f*ck". Not to get all pretentious here, but Stanley Kubrick once said that all other aspects of filmmaking exist to provide material for the editor. Despite his obvious gargantuan importance in the cutting room, he will also often direct, produce, write or what-have-you. In the future, he’d like to make films about giant sea creatures.

Belinda McCulloch

Bea is an Aussie theatre-nerd who started life on the stage, stumbled into film by accident, and has been making creative content ever since. Over the past six years she has produced and directed music videos, live filming events, TVCs, online content, shorts and feature films in Australia, England, Korea and Singapore. After gaining a Masters degree in Screen Production, Bea left the humid city of Brisbane for the even more humid city of Singapore. She was lucky enough to meet Ringo barely a week after landing in Changi Airport, and got a job the very next day. She now produces and directs with the Hurrah team, and escapes the heat as much as possible via icy cold drinks on the river.

Johnboy Iype John

Johnboy is a weird name. It also happens to be the name of a badass dude with an Indian father and Thai mother, who wound up in Singapore after escaping Thailand in a barrel. He likes to think of himself as the face of Hurrah, but the truth is that he’s the hair.

After working for two years as a freelance videographer for various clubs and venues around Singapore, JB started filming some super impressive but top-secret bullshit for his national service. He gave up life as a spy after realising his afro was just a tad conspicuous. Today he’s versatile in all areas of production, and regularly keeps the Hurrah engine running on set and in post production.

Alistair Harding

Alistair introduces himself as a writer, but those who know him well prefer to describe him as a New Zealander. More impressively, they state, he survived two whole years living in Australia before landing in Singapore in the later months of 2000. In the grey area of life between then and the phase of his life he calls “The Hurrah Years”, Alistair ran his own publishing business (before the iPhone and wi-fi killed print forever) and ran the Asian operations for a UK-based creative agency. All of that came to an end one day in 2011 when he wandered onto a Hurrah set in the lovely Malaysian city of Melaka and immediately fell in love with shouting out phrases such as “Stand-by”, “Action” and “That’s a wrap!” (He’s never been that keen on “let’s do that again, shall we?”). The rest, as they say, is history – something that Alistair loves as a writer – and ever since, he’s been writing, producing and sometimes even directing for Hurrah on shoots for National Geographic, History and a range of other super brands.

Megan Barker

A born entertainer, Megan is a performer, film maker, a stellar event planner and has now joined the ranks at Hurrah! Productions as a Producer. Megan has been making films for the past 5 years across documentary, drama, promotional videos and current affairs programming, while living in both Australia and Singapore. Her proudest work to date is for the Pink Dot Campaign. She has directed and produced for the screen and the stage and hopes to pursue a bold career in Television, Film and Theatre. With her great love for dogs and video production, the possibilities with Ringo are endless!

James Rotheram

One balmy morning in Singapore James was walking his dog, when he came up with the initial concept of Hurrah Productions: an international production house making quality content. Later that year he registered the company, making his dog - Ringo The Dingo - the company mascot.

As Executive Producer James oversees all content produced by Hurrah Productions. After fifteen years in the trade James still enjoys every aspect of production. Despite having a face for radio, he's even appeared in front of the camera. James' vision for Hurrah is drawn from working at some of London's biggest and best production companies: BBC, Shine, Talkback Thames, Carlton, ITN and Brighter Pictures.


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