How We Roll


You call or come see us, say hi to Ringo and team, and from there we discuss your needs and what you're hoping to get from the project.


At this stage, what we do is brainstorm ideas and concepts that will help you say what you want to say. After a short period, we return to you with a written concept and some imagery. We discuss your feedback together until everyone is happy.


Getting everything organised is a very important part of the process. Crew, gear, talent, locations - all these things need to be arranged for a successful, professional production. The sooner you come to us with the idea the sooner Ringo can get his wiggle on.


When you are happy with the concept and all the logistics have been put in place, it’s finally time to film! Ironically, this is often the least time-consuming part of the process.


Editors are funny creatures that live in the dark corners of the Hurrah! office. Mostly they sit in front of a computer and don’t say much. But be nice to them; they're usually the ones to bring the project home.

Once the editors have a ‘first cut’ ready, we'll share it with you so that you can review it and give us feedback. From there we make any necessary changes, before we put on the finishing touches like a sound-mix (sounds gooood) and a colour grade (looks gooood).


All done! You're happy, we're happy, everyone's happy! We deliver the video to you in a format of your choice, shake hands and share a beverage.